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The Shuckers

by The Shuckers

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Lonesome Song by Dan Simpson Used to be you were right here on my arm Used to be such a sucker for my charm Used to be bright eyes and a soft smile But I haven’t seen them for a little while So go on your life is your own So go on with your heart made of stone So go on let our dreams pass away They were never much help anyway Not long ago you were right here by my side You always said I had to give more of my life Maybe you were right perhaps I was wrong ‘cause now I’m here singing this lonesome song Go away take all your pain Go away and take your silly game Go away and take all my pride It’s not much use to me on this lonesome ride Maybe next time I’ll give a little more Maybe next time a little better than before Maybe next time you’ll decide to stay And I can put this lonesome song away Not long ago you were right here by my side You always said I had to give more of my life Maybe you were right perhaps I was wrong ’Cause I’m still here singing this lonesome song Thinking about what I done wrong
On The Cheatin' Side Of Town by J-J Lindner Got your number in my head, I’ll call you from a big brass bed I’ll see you when the lights go down on the cheatin’ side of town I’ll make sure you don’t feel alone, make sure you don’t think of home I’ll see you when the lights go down on the cheatin’ side of town People like me come and go It’s better if you never know I’ll stay awhile and keep your body warm And head out in the next September storm Women like you want to see me But I don’t give it away for free I’ll stay awhile and keep your body warm And head out in the next December storm I’ll tell you ‘bout the places I’ve been through Half of them may be true I’ll stay awhile and keep your body warm And head out in the next April storm
Back In Time For Harvest by J-J Lindner Can you tell me what’s out there? Can you tell me what you’ve seen? I think I would like to know I’m not afraid to go Sis’ll tend to the garden Dad’s got a hired hand Mom’s been dead these ten years and more She won’t keep me from the door I’ve lived here my whole life, do I need to see the rest? I’m as good a man as I can be Will what’s out there let me down? I’d be back in time for harvest This I promise one more time After livin’ on the dusty roads I think I’ll have some burdens to unload But if what you say is true Then I’ll stay on forever I think I’d let the whole world burn If I wasn’t able to return
Ren's Waltz 03:52
So Long, Georgie by Dan Simpson With Georgie at the wheel you could here the tires squealing way up in my 24th storey penthouse And before the night was over he’d be lying on the floor, but he’d get right up and get behind the wheel again There wasn’t much you could say, he’s gonna do it anyway, he’s not the type to listen to your preaching He’s heard it all before, he’s been around the block and more, and he don’t care if you agree with what he believes in And now I wave goodbye to my dear old friend He falls down, rolls around, but he’s always there to help a crooked friend Now the time is almost right, its about four minutes to midnight, to stuff our pockets and belch as we’re leaving Now Georgie he’s my pal, we’ve been friends for quite a while I can’t say enough good things about him And he really helped me out when he tore that sucker down, and helped me claim the money for my children Now you may not think its right to hedge your bets on a crooked fight, but that’s because you’re the one whose losing And believe me when I say its going to happen anyway, so its best to own the deck if you’re going to be dealing His sly smile gives me pride, he’s done good by me. Its been a cushy ride, but you know them elections ain’t free Well we got caught looking up her skirt but we finally hit the pay dirt, and I know the suckers true as sure as breathing Goodbye wave to the sky, raise your hands and dance. The next guy is still on my side so lets give him a fair chance. Well the future’s looking bright, you know we’re going to be living high, and they’ll never get back what they don’t know their losing
Begin Again 02:58
Begin Again by Dan Simpson I don’t really want to be your, even though you got into my thoughts again Well now and then Why don’t we, you don’t want to be and I’m undone by remember when We had it then So why must you and me go down this line we are drawing in the sand with out own hands and begin again The last time I went to this fast part of town I found no home And left all alone Here while my eyes apologize for blinking once in the setting sun Where I lost someone May you be close to all of those whose eyes have closed in the pouring rain, turned out again, the same old refrain: begin again.
Pieces Of You by J-J Lindner There's pieces of you in the bedroom There's pieces of you in the hall There's pieces of you in the kitchen I can't seem to get them off the walls I have an old buck hunting knife Handle from an oak tree Poked your eyes out in our room so you won't look at me I got an old buck hunting knife I use it oh so well I don't think I'll ever have to tell I got a pair of garden shears and honed 'em up so fine Cut your head off in the hall and had a real good time I got a pair of garden shears I use them oh so well I don't think I'll ever have to tell Black and whites and colors Are flying all around Broken glass and shattered frames Are lying on the ground I got a rusty chainsaw That sputters but never dies Took it to the kitchen, used it like a scythe I got a rusty chainsaw I use it so well I don't think I'll ever have to tell
I'll Just Let Her Go Away by J-J Lindner I think that I’ll miss her, but I won’t try kiss her I’ll just let her walk away You can take her off my hands, off to distant lands I’ll just let her go away My debt’s been paid, and the charges have been stayed There’s nothing to keep her here I’m filled with remorse, and I have no moral force So I’ll just let you take her away I loved her in my own way and I’m sure she loved me too We’d laugh or we’d cry all the time Your love for her will breathe like fine wine in a glass That’s left out in the fresh air, alas You seem the type of guy I can look in the eye And wish all the best She treated me good, so I know I should Just let you take her away You might wonder why I don’t even try To win back my woman’s love That old nag’s no fair exchange, but I’ll take her ‘cross the range And I’ll never look back your way
A Personal Thing by J-J Lindner When I found your number I kept it under My pillow for a long time Hoping I would find that you had left that guy And realized why And when I made the call I found out after all You were married and had a kid But never did you get rid of my number Or ever wonder Why’d you give me such a personal thing? Is it ‘cause of the times that you might have missed? Do you feel the weight of your diamond ring When you think of the boys that you might have kissed? Each step we take we could second guess ‘Till we feel we want to go back And wipe the litter from our tracks Do you mean it? Oh, I’ve seen it
Sunday Night Blues by Dan Simpson Another weekend is on the way, but I still gotta get through today It’s a living I was told, but I think by living they meant getting old Now when I was a young man, you know I played a pretty mean guitar But man I never should spent so much of my time in them bars It was late one night when I met Annette and you can bet I was good and wet, Hadn’t thought much about the future yet, and I didn’t see the trap was set But you know good man does the right thing when she’s buying them little shoes And I just can’t help but reminisce when I’m feeling them Sunday night blues The Sunday night blues I barely get out of my work shoes and I’m feeling them Sunday night blues Now back in the day the weekends felt so long, I didn’t seem to need sleep or money to get on I’d just stay up all night singing my favourite songs And it felt like eternity before dawn And you know back in those days I could afford to spend a whole day in bed And I never used to wake up with such a pounding in my head Now the march of time is often cruel, and no one wants to be caught like a fool You get tired of mac and cheese and cereal and there aint no going back to school Sooner or later a job seems to stick and you learn to make do And the weekends seem shorter and shorter and you end up with the Sunday night blues Now monday I can be a pretty gruff guy, Tuesday and Wednesday I’m just along for the ride Thursday I start to see a glimmer of light, but Friday’s when I come alive These days my weekends include hockey practice and ballet school, And its only when they’re all in bed that I feel them Sunday night blues
Late One Night by Dan Simpson Late one night in a cold candles glow at the table I sat down to write To my old brother Will who lived over the hill whose last meeting had ended with spite As my pen hit the page I was still gripped with rage at the words that were long ago spoke But I stirred up my nerve to make amends with my words and with a trembling hand I wrote Just then at the door sudden footsteps on the boards drew my mind in its ragged state And the old familiar hat that I spied through the slats flashed my heart into a blinding rage The shock was so great that I still can’t recall the events that then transpired My boots hit the floor and I sprang for the door my eyes red muscles taut like wire I found myself outside in the wind and the rain my body shivering from strain I don’t know where the lost moments go, but I sure wish they could be reclaimed As I slowly returned I felt the ache in my hands saw the crimson stains on my skin And the rain took for worse and the wind blew a curse that punctuated my terrible sin As l looked to the ground my heart started to pound and I recognized the eyes that stared Blankly back at me now lifeless and free of the cursed life I heretofore bear I found myself outside in the wind and the rain my mind spinning with rage I don’t know where the lost moments go, but I sure wish they could be reclaimed


Gigolos, jilted lovers, adventurous farm boys, and murderous siblings are but a few of the characters inhabiting the songs of this Canadian folk trio's recording of original acoustic music.


released December 15, 2013


"This is music that feels timeless in a sense. It feels as pure as the dirt beneath your feet and the water from the river. The combination of guitars, mandolin, harmonica and vocal harmonies create warmth inside your soul." - The Equal Ground

Full review at www.theequalground.com/1/post/2014/03/the-shuckers-the-shuckers.html

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Dan Simpson - guitar, mandolin, harmonica, vocals
J-J Lindner - guitar, vocals
Karl Ratchinsky - bass

Produced, recorded, and mixed by J-J and The Shuckers
Mastered by Scott Pinder at Polyphonic Mastering Labs
Album cover layout by Dan and J-J

All songs SOCAN, 2013

Contact – theshuckers@hotmail.com

Upcoming shows and such - www.reverbnation.com/theshuckers


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The Shuckers Winnipeg, Manitoba

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